Halloween & Special FX Cosmetics

Pro Makeup & Beauty Supply has a wide range of face and body wax, blood gel, final seal makeup sealer and many more Special FX cosmetics products. These cosmetics are designed to be easily applied to the face and body with a smooth, accurate and consistent texture, ensuring face and extremely easy to apply and allowing artists to become exceptionally creative.

While makeup is often used in film to make actors and actresses look more beautiful, it can also be used to make them look scary, beat-up, or inhuman. Special FX Cosmetics artists spend much of their time using cosmetics and appliances to create the appearance of bruises, cuts, blood, old age, deformities, mutations, and more.

Our extensive range of Special FX Cosmetics brand products includes: Cinema Secret’s Accessory kit and blood Gel, Ben nye’s final seal matte makeup sealer, Graftobian’s Bald Cap kit, Premiers Product’s Beta Bond Adhesive, European Body Art’s Alcohol palette and many more other products.

European Body Art

Endura Ink

$ 14.50
15% Off! - $ 12.33
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Endura Ink

European Body Art

Endura Ink

$ 12.33 $ 14.50

  • 1oz.
  • 4oz.
  • 8oz.
  • Black (PR16-01)
  • Blue (PR16-02)
  • Bone White (PR16-39)
  • Bright Yellow (PR16-20)
  • Brown (PR16-10)
  • Clear Glow (PR16-15)
  • Death Burgundy (PR16-40)
  • Fluorescent Blue (PR16-24)
  • Fluorescent Orange (PR16-23)
  • Fluorescent Pink (PR16-07)
  • Fluorescent White (PR16-25)
  • Green (PR16-03)
  • Light Blue (PR16-21)
  • Light Purple (PR16-22)
  • Light Vein Blue (PR16-38)
  • Lime Green (PR16-92)
  • Metallic Blue (PR16-34)
  • Metallic Champagne (PR16-37)
  • Metallic Gold (PR16-30)
  • Metallic Green (PR16-36)
  • Metallic Lavender (PR16-33)
  • Metallic Red (PR16-35)
  • Metallic Silver (PR16-32)
  • Mint (PR16-91)
  • Orange (PR16-08)
  • Pink (PR16-12)
  • ProEndura (PR16-16)
  • Purple (PR16-09)
  • Red (PR16-04)
  • True Tattoo (PR16-11)
  • White (PR16-06)
  • Yellow (PR16-05)
  • Zombie Gray

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